A unique formulation for growth, production & health in Poultry Livestock & Aquaculture. Astaxanthin – A carotenoid acts as a lipid soluble pigment having powerful anti-oxidant action.It imparts coloration in egg yolk. It increases vitamin A, C & E in body. Enhances growth in poultry. Amylase, Pectinase & Liapase – These enzymes are helpful in Gut Health of Animals and production of inhibitory compounds. Enhance immune system. Enzymatic action aids digestion. These enzymes compete for nutrients and adhesion sites. L-Lysine & DL-Methonine – Lysine supplements protein diet and is one of the essential amino acids for growth. Methionine helps to increase body weight. It also helps in feed conversion efficiency and survival. Yeast – Provides rich source of protein and B-complex vitamin. Choline –Important for metabolic functions. Helps in liver functions. Improves appetite and growth..

1.Improves color and appearance.
2.Improves health and immunity.
3.Better Survival.
4.Helps in Better growth and Body weight.

Usages & Administration
Regular Usage:
Lying Hen/Breeders/Ornamental Birds:10gm/kg feed
Or as directed by the Veterinarian Consultant.