A concentrated Electrolyte to prevent heat stress...

1.Maintain the Electrolyte balances by process of neutralization & thus provides Strength.
2.Act as an adjuvant the supportive therapy during anti fiotic treatment.
3.Rehydrates the body during summer.
4.An ideal Immuity boster.
5.Helps in overcome stress due to heat.
6.Prevent dehydration.
7.Energlases body
8.Maintains calcium-magnesium Level
9.Decreases mortality rate due to heat stress
10.Increases performance and Production

  • . Poultry:
    1 gm / 5lt drinking water Or
    200gm/Ton of feed
  • .Livestock:
    .Calves,Sheep,Dog: 2-4 gm/animal/day
  • .Large animal:10-20 gm/ animal/Day

  • Or as Advised by Veterinarian Consultant