We, Anfotal Nutritions, established in the year 1984, are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of wide range of the premium quality of Animal Feed Supplements. Inclusive of Poultry Feed Supplements & Additives, Livestock Feed Supplements & Additives and Aquaculture Feed Supplements & Additives, we offer a wide range of Animal Health Products.
These feed supplements are used as Nutritional Support for : (i) Poultry Industry (Broilers, Layers, Breeders) All the Secrets for Health Poultry Farming is been backed up with nutritional support by the company.
(ii) Aquaculture: Focusing over the Aqua Industry , we have developed few but very selective formulations for Various Species of Aquaculture Farming like, Fish Farming, Shrimp/Prawn Culture. We have a unique range of nutritional supplements which have been well tested over various species like: 1.) Indian Carp; Rohu, Mrigal, Catla, Silver) 2.) Shrimps: Vannamei Shrimps, Tiger Prawn, Rosenbergii Scampi Etc 3.) Apart from local farming breeds we have even tested for Tilapia Farming Culture, Trout Culture, Salmon Farming bass culture, Mud crab culture, Intensive farming, Aquaponics, Ornamental fish breeding,

Livestock Industry (Dairy Cattles Farming, Beef Cattles Farming, Sheep Farming, Goat Farming & Swine Farming (Piggery) :

Acknowledging that every specie has its own different Nutritional requirements for Better Performance. We have worked over it at every aspect. Taking from Dairy farming to Breeding Cattles, different stage of Nutritional balancing is required. We have created best solutions to it!! Even the Framing of Goat & Sheep for meat has requirements of Highly Intensive Supplements for their Optimum Performance. With respect to that we have also create range of Concentrated Nutritional Supplements Targeting All the High Performance Species of the Livestock Farming Industry. However, Last but Not the Least the Swine Farming (Pig Farming) is not as easy as other livestock. Swine is a very Sensitive Specie to farm, just like poultry. It requires perfectly balanced Nutritional Support. Keeping that in many mind we have developed the Products. All the products are Eco Friendly,