Anphytase - Phytase Enzyme
. A heat tolerant phytase enzyme to set free organic phosphorous in feed for better phosphorous absorption.Phytase is a powerful intestinal enzyme that breaks down phytates in feed. Poultry and hogs have very little phytase in their intestines and therefore require its external supplementation.

1.Decreases requirement of inorganic phosphorus in feed, thus reducing feed cost.
2.Improves health and immunity.
3.Anphytase posses side activity of cellulose, xylanase and b-gluconase.
4.It is heat tolerant and can withstand pelleting temperatures with high recovery rates Improves calcium and phosphorus absorption.. 5.Increases digestibility of amino acids, proteins & carbohydrates in feed. 6.Helps replace DCP with low cost ingredients.

Usages & Administration
Regular Usage:
Actual mixing level in feed depends upon feed composition with due care for Calcium content
For Poultry:75-150gm/ton feed
or as directed by Veterinarian/consultant