Bovi-ARB is a Stabilised Compound of Essential Organic Minerals & Vitamins with added power of Natural Immuno Stimulants & Herbal Galactagogues for general use in all conditions like,Milk Drop, Poor Growth,and Poor Appetite.

    Usage and Administration
  • Regular Usage for Each Course of 7-10 Days in a month
  • Dairy Cattle & Buffaloes:2-3 bolus/ animal/day.
  • Camel, Bulls & Horses: 3-4 bolus/animal/day.
  • Young Calves: 2 bolus/ animal/day.
  • Dairy Goats: 2 bolus/ animal/day.
  • Goat Kid & Lamb and swine:1 bolus/day.
  • or as advised by a veterinarian