Doodh Vardhak - Milk Enhancer For Cattle
To restore normal milk yield: Special herbal preparation having functional properties of lactogenic, galactopoietic and lactagogue to optimize the synthesis and secretion of milk.The main herbs incorporated are lepidium sativum, leptadenia reticulata, asparagus racemosus, nelumbium speciosum, Cedrus Deidara, whitania somnifera etc.Essential minerals & vitamins are fortified to regulate the normal body function for better health and performance.This is also useful for milk enhancer.herbal lactogenic and milk deficiency. .


1.Immediate restoration of milk production seen in animals recovered from diseases like trypanosomiasis, foot and mouth, enteritis etc.
2.It brings normal milk production where drop of milk production seen in one or more teats with or without atrophy of the quorter while the other teats are normal.
3.Facilitates smooth let down of milk in cases of calf death and where animals ho up the milk.
3. It avoids the use of oxytocin drugs.
4.It can be used in treating the condition of enlargement of teats after milking
5.Increases milk production in animals yielding normal quantities.
6.Milk production comes to normal position where sudden milk drop occurs due to non specific reasons...

    Usages And administration

  • 5 tablets or 5gms.powder 2 to 3 times daily for 5 days.for non specific milk drops
  • In case where drop of molk production seen in one teat the tablets/powder can be continued 3 times per day for 10 days
  • In case of calf death 10 tablets or 10 gms powder 3 times a day for 5 days
  • In case of reduced milk production seen after recovery from mastitis infections 5 tablets or 5 gms should be given for 10-15 days along with tablets or powder
  • Or as directed By Veterinarian