For high performing birds it is always a nutritional gap between availability and requirement of functional nutrients. Bird gets less bio available nutrients when there is a low digestible nutrient, low feed intake, stress, disease or digestive disturbances. Birds also require extra functional nutrients during growth phase, peak production and stress. ANFAGROW bridges the gap and provides a concrete solution. Its various functional components provide essential amino acids, readymade source of energy, minerals and enzymes for better feed digestibility.

1. Protein Hydrolysate to give readymade nutritionally essential amino acids..
2.Predigested Carbohydrates to give readymade source of energy..
3.Enzyme Papain to help in digestion of protein and carbohydrate of feed.
4.Improves the growths of birds and helps in better egg productions.
5.Yeast Extract on fermentation provides amino acid, Vitamin B complex and enzymes.
6.Minerals for better metabolism and tissue building.
7.All these actions result into providing more functional nutrients to birds for:
8.Better growth and production, Better FCR, More profit

Usage and Administration
Through feed:
500gm/ton of feed(in summer 1kg/ton of feed)
or as directed by veterinary consultant