Herbagest(Herbal Digestant for cattle & other Livestock)

A herbal digestive powder containing effective herbs like harada, ajwain, ajmoda, sunthi, saunf, soya, dhanyaka, trikatukalimirch, pipali & black salt.
Ajwain – Helps in Indigestion.
Ajmoda – Effective in dyspepsia, appetite stimulant, carminative, anti spasmodic. Helps in stomach ache.
Sunthi – Prevents nausea, breaks down fatty foods and protein. Reduces gaseous distension.
Sauf – Carminative stimulant and purgative. Helps in intestinal colic.
Soya – protects liver from abscess and bloat.
Dhanyaka – Carminative. Removes intestinal irritation.
Trikatukalimirch – aids digestion. Remove toxin in waste. enhances gastric emptying and helps food assimilation.
Pipali – Aromatic, stimulant. Helps in constipation.
Black salt – Helps is digestion.


  • Corrects indigestion & anorexia.
  • Maintains proper appetite.
  • Helps in proper maintenance of energy production.
  • Checks impaction, mild colic & atony of rumen.
  • Improves debility & convalescence of animal.
  • Helps in rejuvenation of ruminal microflora.
    Usages and Administration
  • Large Animals:10gms /animal/day to be mixed in feed electuary
  • Small Animals:5ml/animal/day
  • or as directed by Veterinarian