Calcium formulation for supplementation: Calcium lactate & Calcium Gluconate Provide the best source of calcium. Tricalcium Phosphate Provides phosphorous besides calcium. Vitamin D3 Provides supplementation of the vitamin. This product is also known as a Calcium supplement, Feed supplement,...

1.Promotes immune response.
2.Protects from muscular dystrophy.
3.Crazy chick disease
4.Exudative diathesis in out break of R.D.Gumboro De-breaking
5.In other stress conditions.

  • .Per 100 birds/Day/5-7 days
    Chick, Growers & Broiler Starters:3ml.
  • .Layers & Broiler Finishers:5ml
  • .Breeders:7ml.
  • Or as Advised by Veterinarian Consultant