A combination of hepatic disorders that optimizes liver functions prevents and corrects fat deposits. Carnitine - Facilitates lipid oxidation aids in the removal of short and medium chain fatty acids. B12 Assist in metabolic processes helps in the formation of red blood Cells, Stimulates protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Mg Constituents of enzymes involved in synthesis and metabolism Of carbohydrate, lipids, and proteins. Sorbitol Acts as an osmotic laxative to facilitate elimination of toxic products of G.I tract. Hapaset is useful in Liver disorder, choline carnitine livestock, Disease in cattle...

Hepaset is dietetic liquid supplement, formulated to correct L.carnitine deficiencies
        and associated disorders in fatty acid metabolism.
It stimulates proper fat utilization and energy metabolism in calves, horses, sheep, goat & swine.

  • .Cattle & Horses:3-4ml/40kg body wt/5-7 days
  • .Sheep & Goats:3-4ml/20kg of body wt/5-7 days.
  • .Swine:1 lt./2000lt of drinking water/5-7 days.
  • Or as Advised by Veterinarian Consultant