Lactomed - Cattle Milk Enhancer
Non-Hormonal Milk Enhancer: In view of the high energy requirement to produce more milk & to recover from birthing {needed to get animal to lactate), it is essential for farmers to provide a diet of highly intense energy feed to the animals.LACTOMED is a highly digestible energy supplement, 100% inert to the rumen by high metabolism, increase production and meat quality, reduces digestive problems and improves the body condition by decreasing weight loss, resulting in an increased fertility and conception.In early lactation, most cows will actually lose considerable amount of weight, because energy intake is less than needed to meet the nutrient demands of milk production. As a result, the cow mobilizes body nutrient reserves, particularly body fat, to meet energy demand. Thus, Supplemental fat is among the best options one can provide to its animals for better health & Productivity.LACTOMED contains Bypass fat Calcium and phosphorous and non-hormonal galactagogues with added advantage of herbal extracts. This is also used for an energy booster, milk enhancer, and bypass fat.

  • Ideal for lactating and transition (dry) animals.
  • Enhances milk production in early lactating animals.
  • Fulfills the nutrient requirements in high performance dairy animals.
  • Delivering rumen bypass fat to small intestine efficiently.
  • Helps in lowering rumen heat production.
  • Delivers energy during less then optimum conditions (stress, heat, mud, cold. crowding)
  • Higher peak in overall milk production, and aids in maintaining milk fat.
  • Reproductive performance can be enhanced because the cow can return to positive energy balance sooner which can affect follicle size. Ovum fertility, circulating blood, and progesterone levels.
  • Faster recoveries for Calves.
  • Decrease in metabolic complications such as ketosis, acidosis, milk fever.
  • Optimal nutrients absorption for animals.
  • Improves appetite.
  • Contains no thyroprotein or other hormones.
  • Helps in lowering rumen heat production.
  • Delivering rumen bypass fat to small intestine efficiently.
  • 150-200gm/Cattle/Day
  • Through Feed
  • 15-20kg/ton feed of cattle or any livestock
  • for better performance of feed base on feed in take of cattle/livestock with respect to age
  • Or Advised By Veterinarian