A Blend Of Chelated Minerals ,vitamin A, D3 And E, For Vitality, Growth & Production. It is a unique blend of essential minerals e.g Copper, Magnesium.Zinc, Chromium and Selenium with Vitamins A, D3 and Vitamin E,mineral mixture,weight enhancer and growth promoter...

1.Improves milk yield.
2.Helps for better growth.
3.Increases health and immunity.
4.Better fertility in females.
5.Better strength in bullocks.
6.Enhances additional stress bearing capacity....

  • .In each course,continiously for 10 days
  • .Camel,Horse,Cow & Buffoles:30gms/Animal.
  • .Calves:10gm/Animal
  • .Through feed:1 kg-2 kg ton of feed

  • Or as advised by veterinarian