Rumicure (Ruminal Disorder Treatment For Livestock)
Appetite Stimulant & Digestant for Ruminal disorders: Special selective herbal preparation having functional properties for stimulation of rumen, enhancement of digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients. The main herbs incorporated are terminalia arjuna, capparis spinosa, chichorium intybus, piper nigrum, t. gallica, solanum nigrum, ecipta alba, phyllanthus amarus etc.Special chelated minerals (zinc, manganese, magnesium, copper, cobalt etc) are added ready absorption into the system for correction of mineral deficiencies. This is also used in ruminal disorder,herbal digestive,Appetite Stimulant,feed absorbtion.

    1. Helps for better secretions of saliva and digestive juices for effective digestion of food.
    2.Optimizes ruminal PH and maintains perfect micro flora in the rumen for better digestion.
    3.Better feed utilization by better enzymatic activity.
    4.Improves strength of the animals by providing better immunity.
    5.Optimises residual movements for better passage of ingesta and expulsion of gases.
    6.Provides comfort in the digestive tract and avoids the related stress caused to the animal.
    7.It is the most suitable preparation in the conditions like Anorexia, Dyspepsia, Constipation Stress etc.

    Usages and Administration
  • Cattle/Buffaloes/Horses/camel: 50-60 gms/animal/day
  • Calves/Heifers/Adult pig:20-30 gms/animal/day
  • Sheep & Goat: 10-20 gms/animal/day
  • Dog-5gms/dog/day
  • Or As Directed By Veterinarian