Procee - Anti-Oxidant,Stress Reliever
A novel Antioxidant formulation to enhance immune system: Vitamin C helps in the formation of connective tissues, bone matrix, and wound repairs besides helping in absorption of iron. It helps in lordosis, scoliosis, poor growth, anorexia and impairment of wound healing. Protein Hydrolysate As a protein supplement for growth. Acts as feed attractant and palatability enhancer. Increases Lysozyme activity, leading to better immunity. Vitamin B12 Important for red blood cells formation. Prevents microcytic anemia. Helps in lipid metabolism. Amla A potent anti-oxidant, a great source of Vitamin C, helps in digestion. It has tuning and immune enhancing properties. This is useful in distressing fishes and prawns, muscle strength in fishes and vitamin C in fish feed

1.Instant relief from stress.
2.Improves disease resistance by enhancing immune system.
3.Increases muscle strength.
4.Improves feed efficiency.
5.Helps in condition of DE-worming and transportation.
6.Best after anti-biotic therapy.
7.Prawn and fish become more active.

Regular Use:2-3gm/kg Pellets
5-10gm/kg Feed
OR as Advised by Aquaculture Consultants